iWW07 Show Notes

Show Notes

Meet the Mortise

Introduction: Mortise & Tenon Joint

Purpose of M&T
  • Join an endgrain member to a long grain member
    • example - joining a horizontal board to a vertical board - as in a door or the frame for a panel
  • Create a long lasting joint that survives dimensional stresses of many seasons
  • A joint that does not rely solely on glue, provides mechanical support

  • Mortise - a “pocket” cut into the board to receive the tenon
  • Tenon - a “stub” or “tongue” cut to the precise dimensions of the mortise

  • Using the plunge router with a shop made jig

Why this method? (There are at least 6 others that come to mind)
  • Good method for those inexperienced with hand tools
  • Allow for precise results
  • Quick learning curve

Introduction to the Shop made Base Plate Jig

Right Click on Link below to download a .pdf of the jig I discuss...
Router Plate Jig Layout

Introduction to the Plunge Router

Note: I made a mistake - Routers spin up to around 22,000 RPMs, not 2200 RPM’s....Duh!!!

Router Safety and Proper Set Up
  • Placing the bit properly in the collet is very important
    • Don’t overtighten or treat collet roughly

Layout the Mortise
  • Pencils are no good for accurate layout
  • Use a knife edge to draw the lines
    • respect the bevel angle of the knife when you cut to insure the bevel rides the square

Cut the Mortise
  • Line up with Left side of Mortise (leave 1/4” from the knife line)
  • Motion of cut must be either straight up and down or 90 degrees to the right
  • All motions must be smooth (not rushed)
  • Hog out waste with multiple smooth cuts
  • Think safety
    • eye protection
    • hearing protection
  • Final pass is the pass that defines the left and right ends of the mortise
    • Climb Cutting the left edge of the mortise
      • Climb cutting is moving the router in the direction the bit is spinning
      • Extended Climb Cutting will cause the router to try and “take off” so always use sparingly and be ready for vibration and a feeling the router wants to pull away