iWW07b Show Notes

Show Notes

Mortise & Tenon
  • Been around since before Egypt
    • Occurred in China - Neolithic age
  • Most Common Use: Allow an horizontal member to "join" with a vertical member
    • Mechanical strength
    • Glue surface

The Router Table
  • Thumbs Up for JessEm Router Table - very pleased with the table
  • Precise adjustments are possible
  • Features of the Jess-Em Router Table
    • Scales on sides of table - allows for precise movement of fence with respect to router bit
    • Mast-R-Fence
      • Doesn't change w humidity
      • Easy to adjust around bit - Easy zero clearance
      • Jigs for holds and stops
    • Rout-R-Lift
      • Allows you to adjust router height by 1/512th of an inch!
    • Mite-R-Slide
      • Really great action - makes for smooth tenon cheeks

Layout your mortise and tenon = Math Skills (Oh No!)
  • Sticky Notes rock!!
  • Do the long hand math
  • Use a calculator - Does fractional inches

Set Up the Router Table
  • Zero the working planes
  • Zero the fence against the router bit
  • Line up the faces of the front and back 1/2 fences
  • Dust collection also provides filtration of finest dust

A Note about the Math in this Episode
  • I'm demonstrating that it is possible to make very precisely located precisely sized tenons on the router table
  • This is especially useful when working with a project where the design forces "unique" dimensions on you
  • Usually, your dimension math will be much simpler...Don't get hung up on it in this show...
  • I'm just showing that it's possible.

Cutting Tenons on the Router Table
  • Raise bit to final height in stepwise fashion - not all at once
  • Attach backer board to miter fence
  • Safety - Wear hearing protection - the router is loud... I SAID THE ROUTER IS LOUD...
  • Smooth Passes, Nice and easy

Steps to Easy, Precise Tenons
  • Make 1st cut on all 4 faces - Define the shoulders of the tenon and length of tenon
  • Raise the bit - Lift makes this easy
  • Repeat the cut and raise the bit until you approach the final dimensions
  • Check against actual mortise - don't rely on numbers only - Seeing is believing
  • Bring bit up to final height and make the final pass

Check Back in a Week for the Final Installement: Final Fit the Mortise and Tenon!!