iWW07c Show Notes

Show Notes

Fitting the Tenon to the Mortise

Fitting the tenon to the mortise, when the mortise is cut with a router
  • Rounded ends from the plunged router bit (mortise) do not fit square ends from the router table...

To fit the Tenon
  • Take P100 grit sandpaper from a belt sander belt - or any sanding abrasive on a cloth backing
  • Bend the radius and apply pressure right on the point of each edge
  • Use a back and forth motion to relieve the corners
    • Will quickly take down the square corners
    • Dont let sandpaper edge actually contact the shoulder of the joint or you will cut a groove that will show
    • Apply equal pressure
    • Don't sand past the point the "flat" disappears at the top of the radius
      • if you do, you are shortening your tenon...
  • Check your fit (at the top of the tenon against the mortise - correct any drift immediately)
    • Keep flipping your piece and rounding your tenons on both ends - keep everything even, in line and square...
  • To clean up the "square wings" at the bottom of the tenon (where it meets the shoulder)
    • Bench chisel and a simple paring action quickly extends "rounding" to the bottom of the tenon
    • Safety Note: when cutting of the parings - chisels is pointed towards me. At that point I'm concentrating primarily on that chisel edge
      • a saferway to do it is flip the piece around in the vise and cut away from your body. It's speed vs. safety. I'm comfortable with this, if you're not by all means flip it...
  • Do a final sand (or even a final kiss at the router table)

Seat the Joint
  • Not too tight - want a friction fit