iWW06a Show Notes

Processing Wide Boards Show Notes iWW06a
Part 1 - Layout and Safety Considerations

Welcome from the Office

Trying something different - Shot this one Solo
Trying to improve
  • Variety of the Topics
  • Flexibility in Topics
  • Frequency of podcasts
  • Somewhat lower production value
  • And some weird ass camera angles

Let us know what you think - these won't replace the regular podcast, but we can produce them in parallel and reduce our turnaround time...

Why We're Here

I've got too many projects and too many large planks!
  • I know...Life's rough... Winking
I need to process several wide boards
  • Not suitable for the stationary table saw

Going to use a hand held circular saw to create some wide panel blanks for exterior doors

Layout Considerations

I've got wide warped panels with highly figured grain and multiple defects

How defects affect how I layout my panels
Board 1
  • Cupped board with knot dead center and circular grain has splits caused by internal stresses (including stresses from moisture content changes)
  • I'll be cutting out the defects in the center and re-glueing it, taking care to match up the circular grain to look as pleasing as I can (in the continuation of this podcast subject)
  • I start these panels significantly oversize
Board 2
A long board with nice straight grain, but significant knots dead center 2/3's the way down the board
  • First, I planned to use some of these panels for the for the side door, as the grain was not going to be significant, then I slept on the matter...
  • Now I plan to match these panels for the lower door panels that begin with the circular panels in Board 1 to create an arch like effect... If it works out, it will be sweet...
  • [Note: this is not what I say in the podcast]
Responsible Use of Lumber

  • I'll use poor area of Board 2 as a test piece
  • I mill it the same as my good panels, but I use it first to verify all of my setups.
  • This means I won't waste good lumber on a mistake
  • Always be thinking "Am I making responsible use of the lumber I have?"
  • Save special boards back - use them when you can minimize the wastage and they compliment a project
  • Note: because I forgot to turn on my microphone, you miss a really good tirade about the scarcity of thicker walnut as it's all going to flooring. You also missed my first bad language of the podcast...

Safety First

Essential Safety Items
  • Steel Toed Boots - wide panels break bones when it drops where you don't expect
  • Roll up the long sleeves
  • Spinning blades love to suck in cloth, hair, rings, necklaces, etc.
  • Proper support of offcuts

Prep for the First Cut

  • Take Off End of Board - Remove any end material with checks- get to the solid wood
  • Set up Support Roller to deflect the 1stOffcut
  • Make sure the support stand won't interfere with the path of the saw blade
  • Clamp the board
  • Make sure the board won't shift on you mid cut

Well, that's a wrap for Part 1. Sorry for the cliffhanger, folks. When we first envisioned the podcast, it never occurred to me that the detailed descriptions I planned would all take 35 to 45 minutes to relay.Kind of curious if folks mind the cliffhangers? To make up for this, the lower production episodes of the podcast will be followed up soone (in this case,another release in 2-3 weeks). I feel guilty when I make you wait 2 months to finish discussing a topic, as there are so many other things I'd like to cover!

Podcast News

We've surpassed a grand total of of over 10,000 downloads since starting the podcast last year!
  • Many Thanks to all of you
  • Many Thanks to Wes and Ian!
I've begun blogging at the iWoodWork website (though you're here now, so you might already know...D'oh)
  • A place I'll talk more about the daily issues (at least the interesting ones) of the day to day grind in the shop.
  • When we release Part 2 of "Processing Wide Boards", we'll also start accepting comments and questions related to the blog posting or the podcast in general.
  • It'll be fun to see how this evolves over the next couple of months
  • Check back often and let me know other subjects you'd like to hear more about. mark@iwoodwork.net
  • Frequency will accelerate, now that I've announced it.
  • Until Part 2 posts, I'll plan on at least a weekly posting of decent length.