iWW07b Show Notes

Show Notes

Mortise & Tenon
  • Been around since before Egypt
    • Occurred in China - Neolithic age
  • Most Common Use: Allow an horizontal member to "join" with a vertical member
    • Mechanical strength
    • Glue surface

The Router Table
  • Thumbs Up for JessEm Router Table - very pleased with the table
  • Precise adjustments are possible
  • Features of the Jess-Em Router Table
    • Scales on sides of table - allows for precise movement of fence with respect to router bit
    • Mast-R-Fence
      • Doesn't change w humidity
      • Easy to adjust around bit - Easy zero clearance
      • Jigs for holds and stops
    • Rout-R-Lift
      • Allows you to adjust router height by 1/512th of an inch!
    • Mite-R-Slide
      • Really great action - makes for smooth tenon cheeks

Layout your mortise and tenon = Math Skills (Oh No!)
  • Sticky Notes rock!!
  • Do the long hand math
  • Use a calculator - Does fractional inches

Set Up the Router Table
  • Zero the working planes
  • Zero the fence against the router bit
  • Line up the faces of the front and back 1/2 fences
  • Dust collection also provides filtration of finest dust

A Note about the Math in this Episode
  • I'm demonstrating that it is possible to make very precisely located precisely sized tenons on the router table
  • This is especially useful when working with a project where the design forces "unique" dimensions on you
  • Usually, your dimension math will be much simpler...Don't get hung up on it in this show...
  • I'm just showing that it's possible.

Cutting Tenons on the Router Table
  • Raise bit to final height in stepwise fashion - not all at once
  • Attach backer board to miter fence
  • Safety - Wear hearing protection - the router is loud... I SAID THE ROUTER IS LOUD...
  • Smooth Passes, Nice and easy

Steps to Easy, Precise Tenons
  • Make 1st cut on all 4 faces - Define the shoulders of the tenon and length of tenon
  • Raise the bit - Lift makes this easy
  • Repeat the cut and raise the bit until you approach the final dimensions
  • Check against actual mortise - don't rely on numbers only - Seeing is believing
  • Bring bit up to final height and make the final pass

Check Back in a Week for the Final Installement: Final Fit the Mortise and Tenon!!

Some Announcements...

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to check in with you all and tell you about some of the exciting news that's happening here at the iWoodWork Network.

First off, the next podcast is almost ready for release!

Why did it take us so long? A lot of new stuff has happened recently and it all kind of hit at once. The good news is that all of the new stuff is going to mean nothing but more good things for the podcast.

Ten weeks ago, I was approached by Marc Adams - of the Marc Adams School of WoodWorking fame - with a proposal that I become his "internet guy" for the school. Nothing could have pleased me more than the opportunity to contribute to the school that has been my main source of woodworking information and education for the last 12 years! I'll be at the school regularly, shooting video, taking pictures, blogging, and reporting on all the woodworking fun that happens at Marc's place. It wil all be posted at Marc's new website at
http://marcadams.com. I'm proud to say I also had a hand in the re-design of his new website. So if you haven't visited the school's site recently, give it a look over and let us know what you think.

Now normally adding another job to my plate would be a bad thing for the podcast, but this opportunity allowed me to to quit a part time job with Apple retail so that I could focus full time on nothing but woodworking! Once the rush for registration for the 2010 year classes are completed, I forsee dedicating a lot more energy into the podcast. We'll also be upgrading some equiptment to continue to improve the overall quality. And most important, we will be sticking to monthly releases of relatively large show (30min or more), but now we will also be producing a number of shorts - to answer those people who want to see even more of my ugly mug!

Another positive step for the podcast is that Marc has decided to help sponsor us by generously allowing us to sell his DVD Training Series through the iWoodWork website. A portion of the proceeds of every sale will be contributed back to iWoodWork, so that we can pay our expenses and improve our show. If you are looking for more great woodworking education, Marc's DVD's are a valuable resource that are a great addition to our podcast content. Visit us at iwoodwork.net/store and make your order soon! The store will be operational by the time you see the next epidsode of the podcast.

Well, that's about it for now. I've got a lot more coming down the pike. Can't wait to share it all with you.

Until then, Make More Sawdust!